What went well February 25 2014

1.   Janelle prayed for me this morning and spoke about how much I am loved by God.  What a great start to the day!.

2.  Class went really well.  We watched a video on the Lusitania and the kids were transfixed.  And then we made posters for Wilson’s 14 points.

3.  I got a lot of grading and paperwork done this morning so I feel like I am really catching up.


The body is a temple but the only sacred thing is the soul inside.  Without the Spirit the temple is just an empty shell.  All sorts of things are kept inside the temple– what statues erected to the personalities we idolize?  My temple has high speed WiFi.  Do we light candles to our stone  heroes and neglect the Spirit for which the temple was built?  And I know I waste a lot of time worrying about sagging porticos and buttresses.  The temple fails, but the soul is eternal.



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