Social leprosy

Luke 5:12-16

Max Lucado wrote a story about a leper, following the story in Luke. I pub’d it in my Noteworthy– here is the link–

So Rick Riley spoke about what it was like to be the leper. Lucado wrote about social leprosy– the divorced, the ex-convict, the drunk, the brawler, the terminally ill, and the foreigner who doesn’t speak the language.

People are scared of lepers, but Jesus is not scared. I have something that I can’t fix. I have often wished and begged for healing. If I could go back there, I would rush at Jesus and body-tackle him, begging for healing. But that ain’t gonna happen. Still, sometimes I wonder, why not me?

Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to be about me. This is where we get to be Jesus to others. Where we see past the damage to the person, or the awkwardness, or the incomprehension. This is what I want, then–the ability to see.


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