Pinterest pins don’t always lead where they say they will.  This morning I clicked on this,  and it links to a fashion tumblr here.   It’s bright, full of rainbow colors, female bondage, and other awkwardness and murder-type misogyny that I associate with fashion shoots (see here, here, and here for more  *trigger warning*…).   These pictures tell a story.  It isn’t a bedtime story, but it’s a story told to girls and boys who don’t even have to be old enough to read.


Shut your mouth.

saloandseverine:W March 2013Lara Stone by Mert & Marcus














So off balance you can’t possibly run.  Feet so twisted you can barely walk.

 pinerosolanno:Versace SPRING 2010 READY-TO-WEAR


So weak and brittle you can’t fight back.

pinerosolanno:Bathing Beauties


You are even better without a head.


The thing is that most people know that real life isn’t like this.  Is it a male fantasy that women be silent, fragile, and… headless?



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