Roof is on Fire, or This Post has no Point

My mind is a big fat blank this morning.  I’m listening to the Fugees– began the morning with Gym Class Heroes, ran on to but WAY too cheerful so rolled on to the oldies– Arrested Development and the beautiful Lauryn Hill.  Fugees is smart, so smart; stealing riffs from the 50’s dance floor and then throwing the most intense lyrics over the top.

Let’s get the confusion straight in ghetto Gotham
The man behind the mask you thought was Batman is Bill Clinton.
Who soon retire, the roof is on fire
Connie Chung brung the bomb as it comes from Oklahoma
Things are getting serious, Kuumbaya,
On a mountain satan offered me, Manhattan help me Jah Jah

Of course, it was Wyclef Jean of the Fugees who tried to run for president of Haiti in 2011, but the man doesn’t speak Creole or French– how does that work?  Great rapper, great artist but I don’t think Bono would be a good president either.

The coffee was really good this morning– I sent Jesse grocery shopping yesterday by himself; he had to drop me off at home with a huge headache that came on faster than i thought it would.  Dad, you’ll laugh, but I have this gigantic pimple on my forehead right above my left eye and it was so inflamed that it gave me a migraine.  Anyway, Jesse did the shopping, came home and made coffee, and it’s good.  Now i am trying to decide what to do with my day.

The thing is, i am absolutely paralyzed with all the need-to-do swirling through my head. (Arrested Development sings ”Tennessee’  —hung from trees my forefathers hung from)

  • Clean the basement
  • Lesson Plan
  • resume/look for jobs
  • do my nails they are a mess!
  • hmm… maybe there isn’t so much after all.

I’ll try the resume.


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  1. phantom44
    Oct 27, 2012 @ 15:26:59

    Sounds like a pretty “normal” day to me…..Captain’s days are 1. eat, 2. sleep, 3 poop, 4. repeat 1 – 3. Mine is watch, listen, wait, etc., etc. They have prepped Mimi for the move and I am waiting waiting, waiting…..Love, the Phantom


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