Box-pleat skirt Final!

It’s finished!

By the end of the project, my seam-stitching modus operandi went something like…

1. pin

2. iron between pins

3. scrape melted pinhead plastic from fabric

4. shove 1/2 of skirt under sewing machine arm (i now know why quilters would want a longer arm for their machines!)

5. sew seam

6. investigate critically

7. discover ‘birdsnest‘ and use inappropriate language

8. remove birdsnest while pressing lips together and using more inappropriate langauge

9. thread ends through needle using patented ‘squinty eye’ technique

10. tie off ends

11. repeat

12. 50% chance of using seam ripper in the forecast


Despite the many steps to the above process, by the end i was getting faster.  I guess ‘more accurate’ with less of steps 7 and 12 would be the next part.  Anyway, I survived, made a skirt, and no cats got stitched in the process.

The Details…

The front has a six-button closure– Mom, these are your mother-of-pearl buttons!  I need a better belt for it, and also to sew those little hooky things on the waistband to help the skirt keep closed neatly.

The sides have insets with leather strips and more buttons, these mother-of-pearl from my great-grandmother. This side has a small cargo pocket.  I might put another cargo pocket on it, but not right now.

Overall I give it a 7/10.  The waistband needs a vast amount of refiguring, and i ended up with a lot of rough edges that shed in the wash.  I’m also thinking of sewing the insides of the pleats down– is that cheating?  Because it took an hour to iron.  I mean, really– who has that kind of time?  At that rate, i’ll never wash it.

Well, on to the next project– an easy one this time!  I’m going to make some of these.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marian Shelby
    Jun 15, 2011 @ 05:15:31

    Great job Elizabeth. I read your whole account of sewing this skirt. I am one of those people who had a grandmother and mother who finished many of my school sewing projects. I have a machine I want to use after I finish removing wall paper. I want to sew in the Winter when I don’t have the yard to water and the house to clean. Be proud you finished the skirt!


    • llewcie
      Jun 17, 2011 @ 15:26:11

      Heh– my mom finished a few of my projects too. Now that i’m grown, I like the feeling of making things. Sewing in the winter is a good idea, too. Thank you Marian!


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