Box-pleat skirt part 2

Alright, so here is part two.  It’s not quite done yet, and to be honest… it’s been as much seam-undoing as seam-sewing.  Weirdly, I love sitting at the sewing machine for hours making stitch lines– it’s just as peaceful and zen-like as hand-stitching, and it gets things done faster!  Occasionally, there is swearing (especially when I stitch something I shouldn’t have, but i’m getting better with the seam ripper!) but overall, it’s been really nice.   So, here it is so far!

This first one is of the fells (the top part of the skirt)– they have to be tapered because butt > waist.  I totally didn’t know what I was doing here.  The width of the box pleat has to go from 3″ at the bottom to 2″ at the top, and I didn’t know what do do with all that extra fabric.  There is a lot of overlap.

Here’s a better picture.  I kinda eyeballed it in the end.  The third one from the left is what they were originally, and right next you can see the smaller one.  Tuck tuck tuck!!

I used a 2mm zigzag stitch to sew the fells together.  My friend Martha, who also knows a whole lot more about sewing than I do, told me just to overlap the sides and do a straight stitch.  But I have to be difficult, as my mother will tell you.  I think it looks nice– we’ll see if it holds up in the wash 🙂

Here I’m putting on the waistband.  It seemed so simple in my head, and I ended up with a mess in the middle– too much fabric.  This is probably another time that a pattern would have been handy.  The problem is that the waistline curves,  and there was two inches too much fabric at the top of the band while at the bottom, there was no extra fabric.  I’m sure there’s a trick to it– there has to be.

My trick?  I scissored out that extra two inches and made a ‘V’, and then sewed the sides of the ‘V’ together.  It came out lumpy and a little narrower than the rest of the waistband.   It will look fine once it’s covered by a huge belt 😀

This is the lining.  Unlike the skirt in the post, where the fancy fabric is stitched in to a cut in the side of the skirt, I decided to put a lining in the skirt so the sides could be open and swingy.  It makes the skirt heavier, but I think it looks better.  Oh, and it hung funny until i realized I would have to do the opposite of what I did to the waistband– I had to add a triangle of fabric in the middle of the liner so it would we a foot wider at the bottom than the top.

So there you have it!  Trial and error galore, but as long as I’m teaching myself to sew, it should be on something awesome like this that I want to make more of.   Next is part three, where I promise to model it.  Till then!


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