Tornado Spring 2011

I  haven’t posted any pictures here of the damage to our property from the April 22 tornado, so I’m going to now. Much of this is now gone, thanks to the Baptist church, the city fellows, and Americorps, as well as Jesse’s friend Tim, who lifted our spirits and cleaned up a tremendous amount of tree, obviously while channeling Paul Bunyan.

This was our neighbor’s beech (birch?).  You can hardly see it, but the garage is under there.

This is our neighbor’s oak.  Dad, it’s the one with the dead branches that we were worried about.  This flattened our honeysuckle and our beautiful dogwood, still in bloom.  It’s the only think i’ve ever seen that could kill honeysuckle.

This birdhouse, which hung on the dogwood, miraculously survived and is hanging on our back porch now.

This was the pine that Jesse had tied the yellow ribbon around.  This was also the tree that made it so hard for us to get to the house– it fell into the street.

This double rainbow was shining just as Timmy drove up to the house.  Coincidence?? I think not.

Well, we are putting things back together now.  There are so many people who had worse damage than us– we got off easy.  I’m thankful for a lot of things.  On a sad note, the lawnmower was tragically  flattened so I can’t mow the lawn in this 90 degree weather.  Oh well!


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  1. Phantom44
    Jun 04, 2011 @ 13:07:03

    WOW! I knew there was a lot of stuff on the ground but this was a LOT of stuff on the ground. As bad as it was, you are right. Compared to others you got off easy…..Hard to believe that so much happens in so short a time. Love, Dad…..


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