Drunkard’s Path… or, What was i thinking??

I have always dreamed of making a drunkard’s path quilt, every since I first saw the pattern.  It’s complicated, it has curved seams, and it’s so crazy to look at I can hardly tell how to put it together.

Finally, today, I began.  And i took a lot of pictures, just so you all could follow along!

I love my craftroom!  Mom, this is your Singer, still going strong.

This can’t be right.  It’s supposed to be a square, right??

Theoretically, this is what the block is supposed to look like.

I am going to be really good at using a seam ripper by the end of this project.  You have to adjust it as you sew, so the concave piece doesn’t get bunched up– here, the block ended up with a bunch of ruffles, and I had to redo it.

This represents almost two solid hours of work.  But, YAY!  One drunkard’s path block!  299 to go…

Darwin ‘helping.’

And Gwynnie, whose tail might accidentally get stitched into the next block.

That’s all for today– i have eight blocks to show for an entire afternoon.  Here’s to hoping this gets easier!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Phantom44
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 01:01:26

    Loved your “blog”…..I can’t wait to see the cat sewn into the quilt. Should be quite a feat….or is that feet? I need to get back to blogging soon. Seems like things have been a little busy lately, but are getting more back to normal, whatever normal is these days…..Hope the rest of the weekend goes well and that the week to follow is calm for everyone…..Love, Phant…..


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