Vacuums in the Land of Zoo

I made a pact to clean the whole house before New Years– one room a day for a week.  Unfortunately, my body didn’t cooperate too well, and not everything went as planned.  Here’s a short list of what actually got done:

  1. stovetop cleaned and scrubbed
  2. downstairs floors swept and vacuumed
  3. stairs vacuumed
  4. upstairs carpet and rugs vacuumed
  5. bedding washed
  6. catboxes cleaned
  7. downstairs bathroom cleaned
  8. dogs bathed
  9. upstairs bathroom cleaned

That’s about as far as I got.  Although there’s a story to go with the vacuuming of the carpet and rugs.  Jesse brought with him a bagless vacuum that we are using now since the belt is broken on the other.  It fills up a canister, maybe the size of a coffee carafe, and then you have to empty it.  Well, i vacuumed the rug downstairs and emptied the canister, and it was pretty full, so i vacuumed the rug again, and then emptied the canister again… and IT was pretty full, so i did it again… and again… a total of five times.  We’re talking, if we continue with our carafe measuring system,  about 50 cups of dog and cat fur.   I vacillated between horror and astonishment.

After that i went on to the stairs, which i can only clean with the wand, and nothing came out into the canister… so i reached up in there and found that the entire filter was clogged with fur.  I think i pulled out a full carafe from the filter.  Whew.  Once that was done, i vacuumed the carpets upstairs and got two and a half canisters worth.  Sounds gross, i know, but it smells really clean up here now.  Mom and dad, i know you will never visit here again now :).  We love you anyway.


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