Thanksgiving at the Shelby homestead

We drove through mist and fog in the late afternoon to full dark.  Full dark, of course, came a lot quicker in the mist and we could hardly see 100 feet ahead of us.  Jesse and I were both tired, but once i took over the wheel i kinda perked up.   The look of the bridges, backlit, rising out of the dark, made me feel very isolated.  The wipers went on when cars passed us and sprayed road-film up on us.  Otherwise, it was pretty quiet.  We ended up talking a lot about the Holocaust and the resistance,  and i couldn’t remember what the American planes were called.  A grim topic for the weather.

Grateful to be here in Boonville at Mom and Dad’s house.  Forgot my toothbrush and toothpaste and mouth splint, but thankfully mom had spares :).  So we are waiting for breakfast to be ready now.  And i am waiting for coffee.


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  1. phantom44
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 13:49:01

    It was mostly a good thanksgiving…..Not quiet or uneventful, but a reminder that sometimes noise and the hustle and bustle of kids and grandkids are a lot of what life is about. Nothing profound here, but a realization that a housefull of “relatives” brings stress, but more importantly, JOY…..Sometimes we need to step out of the routine and enjoy the spontaneous moments that remembering childhoods and teen years are fun. The moves that we made over times brought tears but also new adventures and new frontiers to be conquered. For that I am thankful. Life gets comfortable at times and the crises become difficult to handle because they shake the tree and I am not prepared to deal with them. But experience with them teaches ways to deal with the certainty of future ones and that builds emotional “muscle”. This is way too philosophical so I’ll quit…..Here’s a toast to many more JOYFUL times……lthe Phantom…..


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