Nothin’ but net

Teachers don’t have perfect days.  Teachers have good days, and they have bad days, and they have those days– times when every kid in the classroom seems to have inhaled glue, eaten a bag of Milky Ways, and drank a six-pack of soda 15 minutes before entering the room.  But no perfect days– not a single day when we can say, ‘Aces,yo.’

I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching lately, because i have been bringing a lot of crap home from work, and not the kind of crap that you can finish and tuck in a bag.  More of the, ‘why am i not able to fix everything’ mentality than anything.  And through a few conversations, notably with my husband and with my co-teacher Rita, i have been told and am trying to learn a few things.

A. I can’t fix everything.  I do not have the professional training to do so, and if i did, still that would not be my job.

B. It’s not my fault.  I did not cause the damage, and I can’t mitigate the damage.  The only thing I am capable of doing is  not adding to the damage.

C. I have a whole classroom to teach.  One child can’t interfere with that mission.  It is perfectly okay to put the child out until someone is brought in that has the professional experience to deal with her.

So that’s where I am.  There will still be no perfect days, but there will be more good days.  I am praying constantly for God to lift my heart, to change what i am incapable of changing.


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