Shameless Addiction

It has gotten to the point where i worry if i don’t have any at home.  I watch the clock all day, wondering when i will have a moment to sit down and enjoy it.  I feel guilty, but not guilty enough to quit.

Yes, dear family, i am addicted to black licorice.

Not just any black licorice will do, either.  Forget that plastic-tasting resin-infused Twizzler nonsense.  I want the real stuff– molasses, anise, and cane sugar–  Australian-style, chewy and sharp and yum!

So just for fun i googled ‘black licorice addiction’, and i was shocked by what i found.  Read on–


>I just love black licorice, but I just heard something on TV about it, I
>just caught the last 5 minutes, not enough to tell me anything. I would
>like info if this is good or bad as I do eat alot of it. Thanks

If you eat more than about 4 ounces a day or real black licorice
candy (not artifically flavored) you risk high blood pressure from
sodium retension, and also various symptoms from your body losing all
its potassium (such as weakness and even death). I suggest moderate
intake, frequent checks of pressure and potassium levels, and a large
intake of dried fruits to keep potassium levels up. Word to the wise.

Steve Harris, MD

Weakness and even death?  DEATH??  You have GOT to be kidding me.  Who is this guy anyway?
I have to read further… ill get back to you.  If i live!!







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