Daylightful Savings

I love Christmas.  Christmas  combines two weeks off work, getting to see my family, excellent food, time to clean the house with a vengeance, plenty of time for fun, and if i’m lucky, new clothes or kitchenware or a book or two.  I love Halloween, because it inspires good stories.  But there is one day that packs a maximum of satisfaction into a day that has no anticipatory set– Fall Daylight Savings day!!

I love the night before, where the knowledge of that extra hour looming on the horizon cushions my wakefulness.  I love the morning even more, when i can sleep till seven (late for me) and get all excited because it’s actually only six and i haven’t wasted any daylight.  The coffee tastes better the earlier I drink it, so this gives extra happiness.

And now i am energized to do some work, knowing that my secret reason-defying extra hour can be used for anything i like later on.  For what, i don’t know.  It’s a secret even to me.

Of course then, that would make Spring Daylight Savings my least favorite day, for all the opposite reasons :).


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