Flat Tablespoon Mentality

Long day of Riduculous Bee Ess(tm) as has been the case for many long days at work. I was very glad to get out the door, and even though my husband is gone to drill this weekend, i felt a sense of relief coming in the door.

Home is just like that. The air is different, i don’t know exactly how. I miss him, but at least i’m home.

Let’s talk about coffee for a moment. I have two cups of cold coffee sitting on my desk from two consecutive mornings. I get up sixish and first thing go downstairs to get coffee and a granola bar for breakfast. We have a coffee maker that has a timer– Jesse insisted and i’m glad he did– and the coffee is brewed when i get down there. Mmm. How strong it is depends on who made it. He is a Disciple of the Heaping Tablespoon, whereas i subscribe to the Flat Tablespoon mentality. Either way, we never complain; just jockey to be the one making the coffee at night. I’ve been known to make it as early as 4:30 in the afternoon :D.

So, I have an early cup, and I always have to rush it– often leaving an inch or even two in the bottom– this is criminal, i know. Once i get to school, coffee just isn’t as much fun: i have to put it down to help a kid, and i forget where it is, and then by the time i find it, it’s cold. And then it just sits there in the cup until it evaporates away. I have at least 3 cups in my classroom with a thin film of dried-out coffee in the bottom. Truth. It adds to the homey atmosphere, right?

Even though i have coffee every day, it’s rare that i get to sit and truly enjoy a hot fresh cup of coffee, relax, and read the news. So that’s just what i’m going to do right now.


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